featured post due:4/28

Both featured posts this week were very captivating, so much so that I could not choose only on to write about. In reading the first post, I agreed with a lot that the blogger chose to write about. I do believe that Victor had a very strong emotional and financial attachment to the compound and that the religion aspect of Tuan’s chapter proves how one may become attached to a place because of the “highers-up”. This had Victor constantly returning back to the reservation throughout his life.
On the other hand, the second featured post spoke about how Victor was not completely attached to the compound, because of the weak relationships he made with the surrounding people (Thomas). The blogger wrote about how relationships within the community can attach people to a homeland and that the stronger the relationships, the more attached they feel and visa versa.
These are two very different approaches to the story “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” yet I still agree with both views.

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